Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

Primary School

Today Katha and me went to Lodi Primary School for second block. We had an half hour to present the presentations about us and to answer some questions. I was excited, we went to two classes in second grade. The kids were very interested and so they asked a lot of questions. It was so cute. I'm going to write down some of their questions :

Do you have snow/sand storms/tornados/Christmas in Germany?
What's your favorite animal/color?
Why do you have pigs?
Do you have the same sports?
What's your favorite food here?
What's the name of your dog?

So you can see, they were not afraid of asking questions!
Sometimes it was hard to understand the questions, because they asked in a low voice or spoke really fast, but finally we got it and it worked!

From Lodi,
Yours Barbara :)

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