Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

Homecoming week

Hey there =)
So this is the Homecoming week. Normally the students dress up in this week. Yesterday they wore clothes from the 80ies, that was very funny. Today they dressed up like the people in Rome did, strange.
I'm going to tell you, what they wear the next days.
See you,
Katharina =)

Hello =)
so yesterday the boys wore girls clothes, the girls were dressed up like boys. It was soo funny =) the boys wore skirts and dresses, it
was just funny :D

Today it's the spirit day. All students wear t-shirts or pullover
from Lodi.
So that's what the students wore at the Homecoming week =)
It was funny to look at all the strange outfits. Another thing is, that no one cares if he looks good or not, they just want to look crazy.
By the way, some teacher dressed up, too. =)


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