Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Field Museum

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hier kommen noch ein paar Informationen ueber das Field Museum in Chicago. Es ist zwar schon eine Weile her, aber es war doch sehr interessant.

The Ancient Americas

10.000 years ago there was the last ice age but not all areas were ice- covered. Lake Michigan is a remains of this time.
There are two theories how the first people came to America:

1. They traveled by boat

2. They came on foot, because of the lower surface of the water

The explorers are not sure until today!

They survived because of hunting and gathering.
Their lives were still very hard and they just survived because everyone had special roles and functions.

  • decisions were made by leaders
  • every family had a voice
  • People domesticated them
  • found out that they are helpful (meat)
  • Guanacos came back every year, because the ancient Americans grew plants that Guanacos liked to eat
  • Differences to wild Guanacos: stronger, more babies

State Society

bases of power:

  • Religion power
  • Economic power
  • Military power
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