Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

Milwaukee Public Museum

Hello =)
So yesterday we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. It was really interesting. I'm going to tell you about the Native Americans.
There are 2 different environments.

1.Desert (Arizona):
  • it's very hot there ( in the summertime the temperature rises up until 60 degrees )
  • it's very dry and the native Americans had very little water.
2. Rain forest climate (Washington):
  • they had much water
  • enough food, because of rivers (fish)
  • enough wood to built houses
  • they brought the horse to America (called them jewelry)
  • because of the horses they could go faster and nearer to the animals, they were hunting
  • only the men were hunting

  • Women: owned the Tippies, prepared the food and made clothes
  • desert: Tippies
  • rain forest climate: houses were made of birch and reed

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