Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

Devil's Lake - Hiking

On Friday we went with some American students to Devil's Lake. At first we had a presentation about its nature and Native American history. The woman also told us a legend about Devil's Lake. Then we ate and finally we could go hiking if we wanted to. The weather was fantastic and so Rebekka, myself and some of the American students started on our tour. The lake was beautiful especially with the colorful trees around it. There were a lot of rocks and stones all around the lake. We looked for a good place where to climb up and finally found it. Some students were afraid because of the height, so they gave up. At the end it was only Rebekka, Taylor (Jacob's exchange partner), Sydney (my exchange partner) and me. We climbed and climbed, but there was no end. Sydney always said that there is a path, but I couldn't believe it. I did only see rocks and rocks and rocks. But actually it was fun, we had a great view all over the lake and took many pictures. We finally found the path and after a long way back we arrived at the bus in time!
It was an adventure!
;D Yours Barbara

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