Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

The Medicine Woman

On Wednesday there was a Medicine Woman in our class to give a speech:
She told us about the importance of the spiritual name for a Native American. The name explains who you are, introduces you to foreign people and serves like medicine.
Tobacco is also very important for the Native Americans. They use it as medicine, as offering, they smoke it, they call it king and much more. They have rituals where they use tobacco to ask for permission to step on a new land. And they think their ancestors are in the tobacco, so they treat tobacco like their relatives.
The Native Americans have 5 basic sacred herbs, one of them is tobacco!
Sage is another: It purifies the air. They came to this conclusion because the buffalo doesn't eat sage, so they thought there is no negativity in sage.
Sweet grass is another sacred herb. It should bring sweetness into life.
Cedar is also one of the sacred herbs. It gives you protection they think, because it isn't affected by lightning.
The last sacred herb is corn meal. It stands for the feminin qualities and beauty!

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