Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

Free Day with the Family

Yesterday was our first free day since we have arrived. My host family and Mikayla's host family took an hour drive to Edersee. We went to Wildtier Park and saw all the animals. There were hogs, fallow deer, birds, otters, etc. Here we also watched a bird show. The birds were very well trained. It was scary though because the birds flew so low. One almost took off my head! After the show, we drove up to a castle built in the 1600s. The castle was so grand and beautiful. Plus, the view was great! From there we went to a dam. They call it a wall. I learned about how the dam was bombed by the English during WWII and how devasting it was to the small villages downstream. The dam is a huge energy source here. They have A LOT of solar panels in Germany that they use for energy also. I love seeing new things with my host family!

Amanda Adler

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